Children First--About Us
About Us


Children First was established by members of First United
Methodist Church in 2009 to serve children in Huntsville, Alabama.  
We discovered that children in our city were going without food,
without guidance, without mentors, without the help, care and
concern that most of us have taken for granted.  With a goal of
helping such children, Children First works directly with City of
Huntsville teacher and administrators.

What We Do

Weekend Project Food Pack:  We distribute bags of food to students
at Morris Elementary every Friday.

Study Buddies: We read, on a one-one basis, with students in the
library at Morris Elementary.

Room Parents:  Teams of two are assigned to a classroom to assist
the teacher with preparation of class projects, crafts, parties and other

Incentive Program:  We provide awards for attendance, classroom
behavior, and homework

Teacher Appreciation:  We do thoughtful things for the teachers.