Children First-CALL 256-539-5738
How to Help

1. Offer your time to help a child by:

a) Preparing food
Food Packs for the kids.

b) Being a  Study Buddy for a kid.

c) Being a Room Parent.

2. Offer Food or Cash Donations.
Donations are tax
deductible and
should be sent to
Children First,
First United
Church, 120
Greene St.,
Huntsville, AL
Please make checks
payable to First
United Methodist
Church and write
Children First on the
memo line of check
                 What Is Children First About?

Many children in Huntsville are hungry and
going without adequate nourishing food. These
children often times lack access to food at
home.   Furthermore, many of these
disadvantaged children are in desperate need
of an academic mentor.  We want to help these
children. Therefore, we have joined with
teachers and administrators at Huntsville City
Schools to identify and assist the neediest
children.  We provide bags of food on Fridays to
these children--
Weekend Food Pack Project.  
We provide volunteers to tutor one on one with
children--Study Buddies.  We provide
volunteers to assist teachers--Room Parents.  
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First United Methodist Church
120 Greene Street
Huntsville, AL  35801

Pop-top canned meals
Pop-top soups
Tuna/Chicken Pouches
Cheese Crackers
Fruit cups
Pop-top fruit
Cereal bars
Granola bars
Rice Krispy Treats
Individual bags of
Yoohoo Boxes