Project Food Pack

Pop-top canned meals
Pop-top soups
Tuna/Chicken Pouches
Cheese Crackers
Fruit cups
Pop-top fruit
Cereal bars
Granola bars
Rice Krispy Treats
Individual bags of
Yoohoo Boxes
    What is Project Food Pack?

Project Snack Pack is a Feeding America Backpack Program
designed to address childhood hunger at a local level.  It is a
tax-deductible program operating through
First United Methodist
Church of Huntsville.

In 2009, the program began providing weekend meals for children
City of Huntsville Elementary Schools.  In some of our
schools, a majority of the children meet federal poverty guidelines
for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch.

What happens, however, with these children over a weekend when
school meals are not available?

That is where Children First comes in.  Together we can end
childhood hunger.

                   What do we do?

Each week Project Food Pack volunteers assemble bags of food
for children that teachers and school administrators have identified
as being at high risk for hunger.  On Fridays the bags are discretely
placed in the children's backpacks, providing them with food for
the weekend.

                   How can you help?

Donate food items from our Wish List.
Volunteer to pack bags of food.
Sponsor a week of fresh fruit.
Organize a food drive.
Donate money to be used to buy food in bulk from places like the
North Alabama Food Bank.